Cave Art Gallery

Photographs of Aboriginal cave paintings, Flinders Island, Australia

The following photographs of the very old aboriginal cave drawings in Australia were taken in 1980 by Ian Bennetts. The paintings are to be found in a cave overhang on Flinders Island off Cape York in Princess Charlotte Bay, and some of the boats are clearly reminiscent of Chinese junks.Can anyone shed any light on these paintings?

The Piasa Monster

The Piasa is a large stone carving of a winged creature on a bluff overlooking the Illinois River. It has traditionally been associated with Native American Thunderbird legends. However, as we can see from the above interpretation by Laurie Nickless, Father Marquette’s description of this painted beast, is virtually an exact match for the dragon heraldry of the Yellow Emperor, Huang Di. Was the Piasa an Imperial dragon, proudly proclaiming China’s claim on the Mississippi Valley?

Cave paintings of Chinese junks in Thailand


Painting of Chinese Junk in California?

The painting of this boat is located within the Painted Rock rock art site at the Carrizo Plain National Monument, west of Bakersfield, California. This federal monument was created in 2002 to protect the Carrizo Plain region and the rock art. Carl Bjork – this picture was taken from Carl”s website – please see: painting to our mind represents nothing other than a red sailed Chinese Junk. We would like to have the paint dated in due course