Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” — ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON

Educating Future Generations

The 1421 Foundation helps teach state, local or core curriculum, with modules aimed at instructing math, science, language arts, history, geography and social studies to meet state, local and national standards.  Our target is to support the middle school grades (Ages 10-12).

We are on a mission to provide 1,000 instructional hours of educational programming each year though classroom learning experiences, through guest lectures, through exhibits in museums & libraries (with corresponding interpretation), and through broadly-distributed digital publications.

We believe non-profits, museums, amateurs, and enthusiasts alike, are part of the learning ecosystem.  Despite experiential learning’s central role in education over the past two millennia, many 21st century academics and education strategists often neglect to consider the amateur’s and non-credentialed person’s contributions to the field of education. We aim to lead in the renaissance of learning through exploration.  

The 1421 team is working to make sure such non-traditional actors are at the table, pushing to advance a wide range of core academic subjects, encouraging greater collaboration between professional and non-professional educators, and seeking to give teachers better content and content-delivery tools to help broaden and excite young minds.

Programs for Students & Teachers

Innovation, invention, and discovery are seen as pillars of American Culture. 1421 is dedicated to providing experiential learning-based STEM education curriculum supplements so all schools can deliver on their STEM objectives in a fun and engaging way.  Our educational resources are designed to support “learning through exploration” both in and out of the classroom.

The 1421 Foundation will commence offering in-classroom, ex-classroom, and project-based learning experiences (lesson plans, presentations, and worksheets) for Middle School students from January 1, 2020. When we can, we will provide visual and animated lectures on the Age of Exploration to larger student bodies as part of focus on scientific method, inclusion in education, and rethinking history.

Programs for Museums & Nonprofits

1421 champions the creation of special exhibits and partnerships with museums and non-profits in three topical areas: ancient maritime civilizations, the Chinese voyages of exploration, theories of pre-Columbian transoceanic diffusion.

As a requirement in any exhibition development, we aim to integrate museum assets into the larger educational landscape.  As such, beyond the exhibits and associated exhibit interpretations, we aim to identify and develop high-performing digital platforms that can aggregate and distribute the museum’s / exhibit’s educational content to all communities.

Recognizing ourselves as born from amateur-enthusiasts, we aim to foster innovative experimentation by individual museums in how traditional theories and historical interpretation can be challenged in an engaging, constructive way.

Programs for Clubs and Communities

Historical societies, yacht clubs, book clubs, adventure travel and explorer groups are among the many types of clubs and communities we serve by providing keynote speeches on topics including ancient maritime history, the Chinese voyages of exploration, and theories of pre-Columbian transoceanic exploration.

Sr. Members of our Education Department are available to lecture at special events, annual meetings, conventions, and as part of vacation enrichment programs (especially cruises and cultural-heritage travel).

Contact us for a speaking engagement and lecture series.

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