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Chinese explored Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica long before the Europeans

It might be another chilly fall day for many of us, but for Dr. Sheng-wei Wang, it is anything but ordinary. In her latest publication “Chinese explored Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica long before the Europeans”, she outlines that the Ming treasure fleets sailed to Australia, New Zealand and Antarctica, which is further supported with T.C. Bell’s research of Chinese super shipwrecks being located in New Zealand. Wang continued exploring a bit deeper and found that in 1602, the map Matteo Ricci and his Chinese collaborators produced are a combination of the knowledge gained from Zheng He and the European map Terra Australis Incognita.

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Chinese Explored Cape Breton Island Long before the Europeans

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. However, even amidst a pandemic, ground-breaking research on Pre-Colombian explorers continues. Recently on this past August, Dr Sheng-Wei Wang has written a paper titled Chinese explored Cape Breton Island long before the Europeans. In this exciting report, Dr Wang describes findings on Cape Breton Island, Newfoundland, Matteo Ricci’s 1602 world map ‒Kunyu Wanguo Quantu《坤舆万国全图》and four other contemporary European maps.

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The Mega Tsunami of 1422 – Possible Scenario

In 1422, a mega tsunami struck the coasts of New Zealand and Australia. Based on his many years of new findings, Gavin Menzies provides us with an exciting interpretation of a possible scenario in which Zhou Man’s fleet encounters this tsunami and its destruction. If proven true, this would add a wonderful example of ancient cooperation, across culture, to rebuild society after a devastating disaster.

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1421 Q & A

What caused the author to write ‘1421 – The Year China Discovered The World’? The author had spent years researching and writing his original book ‘1421’, based on the events taking place all over the world in this defining year. However, his discoveries about China...

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The adventure begins…

It all started on a bitterly cold New Year’s Eve ages long ago. My wife and I stood on the Great Wall gazing in awe as it coiled its way like a majestic snake across snow capped mountains in the far distance. To the north of us, bleak Siberia, to the south, lush...

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Fierce advocate of truth

Modest and soft-spoken, a mellow character like Gavin Menzies is hard to link to a fierce challenger of recorded history.

However, this 74-year-old British amateur historian and retired submarine commander, has published two books that claim Chinese navigators beat Christopher Columbus to the discovery of Americas and also sparked the Renaissance in Europe.

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GMOs/ Discovery of America

A leading spokesperson on the dangers of genetically modified foods, Jeffrey Smith, offered an update on GMO foods, and their connection to health problems and disorders.

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